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Weekly Project Highlights — RPG Games

The game industry is generating more than 100 billion dollars income from selling in-game assets in which players do not have ownership over these assets. With the help of NFT technology, this whole concept gets revolutionized, allowing players to reap the benefits of the time they invested within the game.

Here are the top 5 GameFi RPG Games for this week’s highlight:

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a Free-to-Play MMORPG, taking place in a player-driven dystopian fantasy universe with a classless and fast-paced combat system.

Players will be able to create a character, pick a home nation, and venture into mysterious world with their weapon of choice to prove their worth in the action-packed classless combat system by defeating monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rares, making a name for themselves as a talented refiner and craftsman.

photo credits to Ember Sword

There are three planned weapon types; melee, ranged, and energy. Within each type there will be a variety of different weapons, like one-handed swords, two-handed swords, etc. The more you use any of the weapons within a weapon type, the more it will increase the level of the weapon type’s skill.

photo credits to Ember Sword

Typical MMORPG’s will bind your character to a class. In Ember Sword, there are no planned classes. Players will never be bound to a single weapon type or play-style. For example: Player A is using a bow right now and decided that he wanted to use a sword, then he will be able to switch his play-style by simply changing his weapon of choice.



Monster of GodMonster Of God is a strategy game combining Idle RPG specials and Autobattler. It is connected with blockchain technology, in which players can earn Monster Soul Potion (MSP) through PvP/PvE battles among Monsters and collect MONX coins through in-game tournament rewards.

photo credits to Mogwar — Monster of God

Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to anyone. There are no investment barriers to entry in Monster of God. The game is completely free to play, and players really play to earn. The gap between the normal game and the NFT game is eliminated. In-game NFTs are used for building characters, items and architecting Metaverse.

photo credits to credits to Mogwar — Monster of God

The game allows players to collect Monster Soul Potion (MSP) coins and trade NFT monsters. Mix and match monsters to create a new offspring of NFT for the first time. This game has a “Free To Earn” mechanism that allows users to invest and play or play for free.

photo credits to credits to Mogwar — Monster of God

Players build their own team based on calculations for power optimization. Players can arrange Monsters in different orders based on each Monster’s strength to optimize the squad performance.


Cyborg Legends

photo credits to Cyborg Legends

Cyborg Legends is a 3v3 Arena AutoBattler game that uses a reserve (substitute system) allowing defeated characters to be replaced by reserve characters. Each team will also have a captain which provides team bonuses, as long as he is alive. These unique aspects make the game more interesting and give more room for unpredictable outcomes.

The game is inspired by the classic AutoBattler genre, where people watch their team fighting as if they were watching a football or tennis game with their favorite athletes.

photo credits to Cyborg Legends

Before a fight starts, the players will be taken to a screen containing all their characters and they will be able to select 3 starter characters and 2 reserves in order to initiate the fight. A captain must also be selected. The game system will simulate the fight and show a replay for the user to see how the round passed, so that players can adjust their strategy for upcoming battles.

photo credits to Cyborg Legends

Instead of spending time playing all day, this game gives players the opportunity to balance their time. It is an Idle-based RPG that can be played by simply watching your characters do the work for you. Players get to decide when they want to spend time grinding visually stunning assets, characters, items, or unlock new content.


Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle is a Turn-based RPG NFT Game implemented on the Binance Smart Chain network, designed and developed by iKame and ZEGO Studio, which have nearly 10 years of experience in game development and possess many game titles that reach 20 million users. Therefore, Elpis Battle promises to have friendly and attractive yet challenging gameplay.

photo credits to Elpis Battle

Their team is focused on creating a real economy in the Elpis world, where it is not only a place where players conquer new lands, but also take care of the economic factor. There are various ways to earn like: Battling, mining, staking, rent, training, and more.

photo credits to Elpis Battle

Players can interact with other players within the Elpis Metaverse. They can cooperate to conquer similar goals or individually conquer lands. The upgrade system makes it more exciting given that the more a player grinds, the stronger their hero will become.



An open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials. Discover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered this land.

100+ Illuvials populate this alien world. Each possess different affinities, classes, and abilities. Capture them. Fuse them. Upgrade your Illuvials and discover more powerful forms. Illuvials are grouped into one of 5 classes: Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion and Empath.

photo credits:

As in many RPGs, the choices a players makes regarding the class of their Illuvials will affect the outcome of battles with wild Illuvials. Draft a team ideally synergistic in qualities and traits that can work well together as a single fighting unit.


More GameFi Projects

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