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Weekly Project Highlights — Arbitrum Games (2)

Supporting multiple blockchains is no easy task and it can be tedious to spend an adequate amount of time to build it. There are dozens of NFT marketplaces in existence, and many of them have a specific focus or niche. Lootex marketplace aims to be different by being a gamer-centric marketplace that supports varieties of blockchain to be the best, most efficient, global in-game asset trading platform. Lootex aims not only to give convenience to gamers, but to also capture the hearts of every game creator by providing all the exposure they need. Lootex will feature projects regardless of status quo and has recently listed several Play-2-Earn games built on Arbitrum. Here are the GameFi projects that are featured in


Photo credits to CastleDAO

CastleDAO is an off-chain game that uses NFTs from multiple blockchains, leveraging their attributes and allowing players to challenge each other by creating decks of cards. CastleDAO has its own NFT collections: Castles, Generals and DefiHeroes.

Photo credits to Castle

DAOThere are currently 3 game modes: CastlesClassic where players can compete using one Castle NFT, one CryptoGeneral and 3 warriors. CastlesModern where players can compete using any combination of cards. And lastly, the tower, it is a weekly PVP challenge with a goal to climb the leaderboards to attain abundant rewards. Each month and week CastleDAO gives away rewards to the best players. Those rewards are in the form of NFTs that can be traded or sold in secondary markets similar to Lootex. Something that makes their NFTs unique is that each of them have their own on-chain attributes. Players can give their general a name aside from simply leveling them up.



Farmland is a Play to Own farming game on the Arbitrum Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network. It is a simulation game where players will take the role of becoming a farmer where the journey begins when players start to acquire some land to feed the masses, raise animals, and explore quests to find new materials and items. Players can allocate LAND to grow CORN, by doing this you can take part in many activities in and around the Farmland game, character NFTs can be employed as farmers to boost your CORN production but it is not required; you are also not required to have a farm for many of the activities, simply owning character NFTs and/or some of the CORN token will allow you to do so, having allocated LAND opens all the possibilities for the game.

Photo credits to Farmland

Farmland Character NFTs are the core to the future of Farmland. Players can freely trade their minted NFTs in Lootex. When choosing to mint, there will be a chance to employ characters such as Farmers, Miners, Explorer, Hunters, and more. Only Farmers will be available from launch, enabling each player to employ their character as a Farmer to help manage their corn farms.

The Lost Donkeys
Photo credits to The Lost Donkeys

The Lost Donkeys is a PFP & GameFi project with multiplayer and community decision-making components integrated into the gameplay. A game called the Lost Land, is about a reconstruction and building paradise. The players’ goal is to harvest resources to grow carrots, and craft customization to their barns.

Photo credits to The Lost Donkeys

The game is designed in such a way that skillful players can earn $CARROT through optimizing their crop yield and upgrading their barn. But more importantly, the game is designed for delight, surprise, and fun. The possibilities are endless in The Lost Land. It is teeming with untapped potential, but also full of untamed dangers. In order to thrive, Donkeys would need to band together. Donkeys will have a quest level that determines their rewards. Each of them can learn from quests and will gradually earn more experience points. The higher the experience points, the higher the quest level becomes. Players without a Lost Donkeys NFT need to pay a small amount of $CARROT and stake a Treasure Donkey in order to recruit a Jackass — which can help build their new home in The Lost Land.


Vocus and friends

Photo credits to Vocus and Friends

Vocus and Friends is the first salon-inspired NFT on Arbitrum that releases the power of word and art. It is a content platform that focuses on creating a complete value ecosystem for good content, and Vocus and Friends (VAF) is the core concept of “creation is valuable”. Original NFT series. The team will create a new look for the existing business models of IP, artists, and creators, through the application of blockchain technology. Holders will have the right to participate, assign value to it, and enjoy profit sharing. Exclusivity will be given to community holders that are composed of cultural content enthusiasts and early pioneers of encryption technology. They can participate in voting, governance and decision-making through online / offline gatherings and exchanges. Part of the profits generated by the new series of NFT sales will be directly returned to the community. The more VAF you hold, the higher the profit sharing ratio and the chance to get free airdrops first.


Lost SamuRise

Photo credits to Lost SamuRise

The Lost SamuRise is a faction based strategy game played in the fictional world of Tengoku (heaven) that has borrowed lore and stylistic elements from Samurai culture in classical Japan. Their GameFi protocol is designed to be interoperable across the entire Ethereum-L2 ecosystem, but decided to choose Arbitrum and join TreasureDAO’s emerging metaverse as a part of their initial phase of development.

Photo credits to Lost SamuRise

Onna Musha are fierce female Samurai. Each Onna Musha in our world will possess a trait called “Gifts from the Gods”. This NFT has very limited supply and is extremely rare. Owning one will give exclusive in-game rewards / privileges such as receiving: NFTs, $SHIRO, WL opportunities from other communities, and many more. SamuRise builds upon the existing P2E concept by innovating further into the design elements of time locked coordination, risk based decision with trade-offs applied to asset scarcity, and providing utility to abandoned NFT collections looking for a lifeline.

Photo credits to Lost SamuRise

The game design represents the complete Game Loop that takes place for over a year in game terms (4 months IRL terms). The detail here is purposefully lighter because of the target release date of the game across the 2nd and 3rd phases of their roadmap. The goal of Lost Samurise is to coordinate each player with their Factions in order to outwit their enemies and become the first to purify the lands within the game realm. Players will be rewarded abundantly by the Emperor upon the achievement of Seasonal and Lore-based milestones.


More GameFi Projects

If you enjoyed reading this article, come check out our latest article regarding Arbitrum GameFi Projects. We will be posting new articles every week featuring varieties of GameFi projects along with other exciting news. Subscribe to our medium page to receive the latest news in the play-to-earn Metaverse and never miss out on any of Lootex’s highlights! If a GameFi project you are expecting isn’t featured in this article, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the next one. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of different high potential projects, mainly those that are listed in Lootex. If there’s a game you enjoy, and you want to see us highlight that game, we would be glad to hear from you! Send us a DM on our social links in the description down below.


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