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in Kyoto

Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform, and shares the latest blockchain game info.

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Welcome to the 'Lootex City Travel' series of NFTs, where we release limited-edition city-themed NFTs that showcase the unique local characteristics of each new city we visit. Collecting more of these NFTs unlocks even more surprises in the future. Complete the mission now to receive your limited-edition NFT and join us on a journey of discovery! If you have collected any of the Lootex City NFTs, then you will be able to claim bonus points during the Lootex V3 Alpha Season event period.

IVS_NFT 1.jpg



Featuring the iconic Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) as the main focal point, with the silhouette of maple leaves, this artwork incorporates the distinctive charm of Kyoto's representative buildings, offering a glimpse into the city's enchanting scenery. How to claim: Click the button below and join the Gleam Quest. You will have a chance to win the “LOOTEX - KYO” NFT. We appreciate having you as a part of our community; your presence is invaluable to us!

IVS_NFT 2.jpg



Geisha, written as "芸者" in kanji Japanese, was born through the fusion of Lootex and Geisha. By combining the elegance of Geisha and the unique elements of Japanese katakana, this artwork creates a minimalist yet symmetrical artistic composition, showcasing the magical allure of Oriental aesthetics. How to claim: Method 1: Find us at Miyako Messe Exhibition Center 3F - Web3 Area 8th Booth (Lootex Booth) and obtain the secret code. Method 2: Join Lootex Discord, participate in activities, or enter giveaways.

*Gleam will be closed on July 7, and the NFT will be airdropped within 48-72 hours.

NFT Giveaway

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