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Fashion in the Metaverse: Meet the Artists

If you still remember back in May this year …

Lootex was invited by OneOffs to co-curate the first “Fashion in the Metaverse” on Breeze Night, creating a journey of fashion x art metaverse. Lootex called for local artists to create one of the kind experience. The avatars, created by The Sandbox’s VoxEdit, dressed in futuristic styles, strolling on catwalks.

We asked the 6 artists from the Fashion in the Metaverse show about their inspiration and thought process behind their creation, chatted about their past experiences, and their vision of the metaverse.


If you can only use one sentence to describe your creation in the Fashion in the Metaverse series, what would you say?

An An: Metaverse VIP Avatar in Sandbox.

BeryllChen: Chasing freedom and self-confidence in the galaxy.

Carina Chen: Being yourself is the true fashion and trend.

Nest: MetaTwins are who everyone should meet when they go into the metaverse.

Nora C.: Bravely display the best of yourself, to shine!

TongYangChicken: Being spectacular in the metaverse.

An An’s collection: Halo Series

Please share the idea behind this series.

An An: Metaverse VIP in Sandbox. One of the character is a virtual singer from The Sandbox, one is a holy goldne winged boy, and the other one is a metaverse femail CEO. These characters may only exist in the virtual world, or could be your true self hidding in the real world, your second personality.

BeryllChen: From the metaverse, I hope to visualize the elements of the “universe” and let the characters roam in the sea of ​​​​the universe. Therefore, the character names and elements are related to the starry universe to present the overall style.

Carina Chen: With common clothing styles, different tones and elements are used to interlace and wear, which reflects simplicity and style, neatness and eye-catching, and self-confidence is the top fashion.

Nest: As the metaverse develops more and more vigorously, a cryptocurrency wallet will be a necessity for everyone. I hope to visualize it and become a unique clothing that can be worn and can represent oneself in the metaverse.

Nora C.: No matter where you are in the universe or where you are in the world, your dazzling light will continue to bloom, and you will bravely show your brilliance.

TongYangChicken: Try using voxel techniques to create the unique brilliance of diamonds, combined with elegant clothing for a beautiful look.

Beryll’s collection: Star Galaxy Series

How did you get into voxel creation and The Sandbox Game?

An An: I have been interested in voxels because I have seen TongYangChicken’s works on the Internet many times, so I entered the interesting world of The Sandbox Voxel with his lead.

BeryllChen: The Sandbox Game was recruiting artists at the time, and I have since stepped into the field of voxel art. I love creating dioramas, plus it’s great to let them move around freely in the game!

Carina Chen: Due to my background in mobile game art creation, I had experience in blocky voxels, sharp low-poly and isometric art. While paying attention to the game industry, I recognized The Sandbox and soon explore voxel creation since joining the Creators Foundation.

Nest: In 2020, I participated and won the Voxedit Contest by chance. After participating in the Creators Foundation for a short time, I found that this project has great potential, and formed the SAND RUSH team with several foreign artists who participated in the same session. We make assets and gaming experiences for The Sandbox Game and other teams interested in putting down roots here.

Nora C.: In the process of working with Lootex, I found that metaverse games have great potential to create interesting and lively virtual worlds. And Sandbox’s voxel creation allows artists to design their own imagined objects and character equipment and place them in the game to play, just like a god of creation, which is very interesting.

TongYangChicken: Voxels make it easier for more people to enter the field of the Metaverse and Art. I am eager to create a field full of my fantasy works in the Metaverse through the creation of voxels, and then open the door to satisfy all the Metaverse Travellers. people’s desire to explore.

Carina’s collection: “Spec-tacular” Dudes Series

What have you done in the past and how did they impact your current creation?

An An: Currently, I also work in 3D animation, which allows me to have a greater imagination for characters with special shapes, and I can also create new virtual creatures beyond my imagination.

BeryllChen: I have touched many types of art, metalworking design, jewelry design and production, painting, multi-media model…etc. When creating, you will take into account some relative rationality, and you will know what style you like and excel at.

Carina Chen: I used to be engaged in mobile game art creation. Now, as an official full-time artist of TSB, I can better understand the impact and importance of game assets on overall game development, and can create the most appropriate game assets.

Nest: I’m a senior VFX (Editor’s Note: visual effects) artist. It sounds like a professional, but I don’t think it’s necessarily related to creation. Creation can be done by anyone. If I have to say that it has any impact, it should be that years of experience in the industry have allowed me to quickly get started with new things and new software (Voxedit, Game Maker).

Nora C.: I have more than six years of experience in projects related to interactive installation design, creative planning, character design and game concept art. These experiences have given me a keen observation and creative mind in the metaverse. The general design thinking is skillfully applied to digital media in different presentation methods, so that the set theme style can be clearly conveyed. And in this ever-changing era, it can quickly adapt to the unknown and changes, and continue to learn from it.

TongYangChicken: I have been engaged in metal craft/accessory design in the past. These experiences have enabled me to pay more attention to the small details in the creation of vegetarian food, so that my works can show a simple and refined feeling.

Nest’s collection: MetaTwin Series

What was the most memorable thing while creating this series?

An An: When I saw Justine, the CEO of Lootex, also bought my Metaverse CEO Avatar… That’s when I instantly thought “yes, when I created this Avatar, the Goddess of Muse might be her.”

BeryllChen: The theme of this show is related to fashion. It is the first time for me to come into contact with what is fashion and style. It is also the first time to use such a bold color scheme. For me, it has never been designed before.

Carina Chen: In order to find inspiration, I browsed many different styles in each fashion week, but in the end I decided to create from an everyday perspective.

Nest: Actually, I immigrated to Taiwan from Hong Kong alone not long ago, and I am really unfamiliar with this place. I was lucky enough to meet the creators who participated in this Fashion in the Metaverse, Lootex founder Justine and her team, they became my first good friends in Taiwan.

Nora C.: There are a lot of things to consider in voxel creation. In addition to pouring your own imaginary shapes into character design, The Sandbox voxels are larger than expected, and it is often impossible to show all appearances well. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a clear and generous visual language in design thinking, and it is also necessary to consider whether the character animation will cause the combination of wearing the mold and paying attention to the environment objects, otherwise it will create a mess of obscure blocks that do not know where it comes from. These design details are challenges to be aware of when creating.

TongYangChicken: Fell in love with the avatar I created.

Nora’s collection: Dazzling Series

Please share if you have any other plan to create something in The Sandbox (or metaverse).

An An: At present, I have a preliminary idea in mind. I feel that there is an opportunity to make the world of The Sandbox, combined with the LED virtual studio and AR equipment, so that players can personally experience the feeling of getting along with their own Voxel NFTs.

BeryllChen: Can be creative or fantasy and sci-fi style, I really like fantasy themes such as dragons and magic.

Carina Chen: Currently a full time voxel artist, lately been creating assets for The Sandbox Gamer Maker Fund projects.

Nest: In the future, I will continue to create in the SAND RUSH team. We are working hard to promote multiple collaborative projects with other artist teams. I hope you can see the results of our efforts in The Sandbox metaverse in the near future.

Nora C.: We are creating a cute and interesting world and injecting more fantastic energy into the metaverse, so stay tuned…

TongYangChicken: It is planned to create the domains of heaven and hell in the future, and place them in the Land I own respectively. Welcome to visit.

TongYangChicken ’s collection: Diamond Series

Lastly, what do you want to say to the collectors?

An An: Thank you for liking my work, you are my Metaverse Angel!

BeryllChen: How are you, I am The Sandbox Voxel artist Beryllchen, this Fashion in the Metaverse creation is very special to me, and it’s an adventure. Thank you for liking my work, and hopefully they will give you inspiration, making your life more exciting!

Carina Chen: Step into the metaverse with style and confidence!

Nest: Very humble, truly appreciated!

Nora C.: Wish you eat well, sleep well, love yourself, love animal and love earth too! Hoping my work can bring your strength to create the life you like, and shine wherever you are!

TongYangChicken: Thanks you! Please follow the magical LAND experience created by TongYangChicken in The Sandbox metaverse.


That would be the end of the interview, the work created by these 6 artists even impressed The Sandbox co-founder & COO Sebatien Borget, if you are interested in their work, click on their social and store links below.

About the Artist

An An:TwitterStore
Carina Chen:TwitterStore
Nora C.:TwitterStore


About the Lootex Fashion in the Metaverse series

Lootex was invited by OneOffs to co-curate the first “Fashion in the Metaverse” on Breeze Night, creating a journey of fashion x art metaverse. Lootex called for local artists to create one of the kind experience. The avatars, created by The Sandbox’s VoxEdit, dressed in futuristic styles, strolling on catwalks. Each NFT purchase comes with the unlockable content, includes a .GLTF 3D model file, catwalk animation .mp4 & .gif files, and 2D profile picture .png files. After purchase, right-click the NFT in your vault to unlock!

Store:Lootex Fashion in the Metaverse


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